Age 24
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $750/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Hi! I’m Emerald, and I’m completely obsessed with being the sexiest girl I can be. I actually spend quite a bit of time just thinking about being a woman, what it means to be a woman and to be sexy and beautiful. People talk all the time about what it means to be sexy. It’s a big part of everything in our entertainment and even in our news. It’s definitely the name of the game in our advertisements. Everybody knows that sexiness sells, and everybody’s ready to use it to sell something. But what is sexy? Is it being supple and beautiful, taut and toned? Is it being the most delicious girl you can be when you’re all dressed up in lingerie? Is it being the sort of woman who can take care of a man, keep a house clean, keep food on the table, and make him feel like a king when we walks through the door? Sometimes I’m not sure. But what I do know is that I love men. There is so much between men and women today, so much that does not need to happen. Online, all you see is people arguing and criticizing men, or arguing and calling women stupid. Back and forth at each other they go. It makes a girl wonder if there’s any hope between men and women at all, to get together and enjoy each other, or it would if that was all I ever saw. People lose track. They forget that men and women are meant to be together.

Men and women naturally want to spend time together. And when they do, they are very happy to spend their time that way. A man needs a woman just like a woman needs a man. They are built for each other. They have the most fun when they go out and do fun things together. That’s when I enjoy myself most. I love to be out there partying, with friends especially, and with an interesting and fun man along with me for the fun. They say you can’t have any fun, really, until you have somebody to share it with, and I definitely agree. I think it makes sense. I am happiest when I am having a good time, but that good time is a thousand times better when somebody can experience it with me, can party with me, can get down with me. If you can’t share your party it will eventually seem like you’re wasting your time. The way I look at life is rooted in my earliest experiences with men. You’ve all seen that guy who will do anything for his girl. He’s so whipped that he doesn’t even realize she misuses him. I think it’s a mistake to be that way with a woman. Women respect a strong man, and I don’t mean he has to be physically big.

I mean women want a man who is his own person. The sort of man who does what he thinks is right, and treats others respectfully while expecting respect in return. I like a man who can be his own person and stand up for himself. Whipped men just come across as weak, and the women they are trying to please eventually come to look down on them. I don’t ever want to look down on my man. I love all men, and I think they all deserve my respect and my time. Any man has a chance with me, as long as he can be his own person. That’s why I love my job so very much.