Thank you for making the effort to know me better. I take pleasure in a wide range of activities and this has allowed me to become friends with some of the world’s most captivating gentlemen. I am a well-endowed young lady with a sexy and loving appearance and if you enjoy giving a woman a good time, I’ll blow your senses away! I am very much anticipating our meeting to have a passionate encounter. I am available 24/7.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian/Latina
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Straight
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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Amy is a lovely blonde escort who has an exceptional personality. Cheerful and always ready for a good time, she is as excited to be at home relaxing while watching a favorite show as she is out on the town with her friends or that special man. Perky and impressionable, 24 year old Amy loves to dance and is not shy about shimmying up a storm at her favorite trendy dance club.

Amy moved to the Dallas area after growing up in a rural area just outside its borders. She loves everything about city life and enjoys going out to eat at different restaurants to experience the unique cuisines that are offered in the area. Amy is also always up for any new adventure, making her the perfect companion when it comes to new experiences.

I love to stimulate a man’s senses. I love to give a man a private show and do what I can to just blow his mind. I mean, it’s a delicate balance. If you go too far too fast, you can lose his attention. You need to just get him right to the edge. When I give a private show, I like to get him panting and sweating. I want him absolutely overwhelmed with what it’s like to have me in the room. When I’m not designing my private dance routines, I like to go to the gym, and I work out to stay in shape. I have a whole workout all worked out. It has changed as I’ve gotten more into it. Training partners and friends helped me refine it. I like to build and tone my body. I like to sculpt myself. I suppose I could buy something, like a DVD or a book, but I like doing it myself. I like putting the work in. I’ve worked out with really handsome guys before, people who were super strong, massively built. Guys who could just pick me up and throw me around if they wanted to. That’s an incredibly erotic thing, that kind of strength. But I’m not all about the work. I like to have fun, too.

My girlfriends and I, we go out clubbing, and when I’m with my girls, I do a great job of being their wing-girl. We all know that girlfriend who just can’t handle her liquor. I make sure my girls make it home from the club okay. We girls have a code too, you know, like the code guys have. Guys are always looking out for their friends in clubs. Always trying to help their buddies get laid, you know? Girls have a version of that where we all look out for each other, for some of the same reasons. It depends on the situation. But I love nightclubs. You can really have some fun in a dark nightclub. It’s the perfect environment for partying, where you can things you might not be able to get away with anywhere else. Who doesn’t have crazy, sexy stories about their time out at nightclubs? I think we probably all do. You want to let your inner wild child out, get completely wild, that’s the place you can do it. It’s so right there.