Age 24
Height 5’8″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts
My name is Coral and I’m the type of girl who believes life is worth living only if you can relax and enjoy it. I am very good at reducing a man’s stress level. I am good with my hands. I think you can never do more for a person’s stress level than when you can put your hands on them and work it out of them. The body is like a road map. When you are carrying a lot of stress, your tense muscles knot up all over your body. When I put my hands on someone who is relaxed, and then when I lay my hands on someone who is stressed, I can always tell the difference, and that makes me want to do something to help the person who is carrying a lot of tension. A body that is carrying tension is like a tree bent almost to the breaking point by strong winds. Any more force on it, any more stress, and it will just snap, and it will do nothing good for that person when this happens. I became the sort of girl who believes in intense, relaxing stress relief because I used to get so stressed out it would make my head hurt. Pressure that builds up inside you from stress, anxiety, unhappiness, that’s all stuff that you don’t need weighing on you or pulling at you. That’s what it feels like to me, just pulling at me. And I can imagine how much the average man, with all the work he does and all the stress he faces, must feel by the end of a long workday. I work my job knowing that one of the powers I can bring to the table is helping a man to reduce his stress level. I can take away that pressure on him, just melt it away, and give him something much better to think about. Every man loves the company of a sexy and beautiful woman. He always feels better about himself and his life when there is a sexy lady nearby. Think about all the times you saw a gorgeous woman walking down the street, or sitting on public transportation, or just nearby in a restaurant or in a club. When you saw that good-looking girl, were you thinking about any of your own problems? Were you considering any of the things that make you worry on any given day? Or was all of your attention, for those few minutes, on that beautiful girl? That’s the power that a sexy girl has. She has the ability to relieve all of a man’s stress and transport him to another world by virtue of your beauty. A man can’t focus on anything else when there is a sexy woman in the room. It’s how their brains work. We can easily distract a man with the power of our bodies. I like doing that for the men who take me out and show me a good time. I like making them proud. I like making other people jealous. It’s more than just relaxing and more than just having fun, although I guarantee we’re going to do both those things. When you go out with me, you’re getting sort of elevated, propelled into a realm where you’re the most important man in the room, and now you’ve got the nicest and hottest lady on your arm. You will command attention when you’re out with me. That’s what I can give you. I want you to get all the respect and the attention that you’ve always deserved.