Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts
Hi there! I am Geneva, and I’m the sort of girl who knows how to show you a good time while enjoying myself every minute. When I turn heads and I get guys’ attention, that’s something that I am used to, sure, but it is also something that I never get tired of. One of my guiltiest pleasures is making sure that I’m dressed as sexy as I can be. I like knowing that, at least for a few moments, every eye is on me. That’s how men are built. They are drawn to whatever is most sexy. Their minds and their eyes always seek out the sexiest girl in the room. Of course, there’s a downside to that. The women around you can be very petty, very catty. I can usually count on men to be super nice to me when they meet me, as you would be when you meet a sexy girl whose body really impresses you. But even the sexiest women I encounter can treat me like I’m dome kind of threat. There are some women who are confident in themselves; so meeting another good-looking girl doesn’t mean anything to them. They meet you and they just treat you like they would treat anyone else. But there are other women who always see another attractive lady as a complete threat to whatever they have, as if there’s some kind of competition going on behind the scenes and the best looking girl wins while all the other girls lose. I have never really known how to deal with those types. They can be nasty and there’s no real way to make them happy because they’re already unhappy with themselves. So I don’t worry about people like that. I just focus on myself. I just like to make myself look as good as I can. For example, I really like nice high heels. I like how they shape my calves and get me up high, so I look graceful. I’m good at walking in heels and I like doing it, and I like putting my body on display. But sometimes, that gets me into trouble. Sometimes, you can look sexy at the wrong time or in the wrong place, and end up embarrassing someone. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen, and when it does, I always tell myself that someday I’ve got to learn to dial my sexy back. I’ve got to learn how to be less sexy, which doesn’t come easily. You never know. I do have some hobbies though, that give me peace of mind. I like to paint, for example. When I really lose myself in painting something, hours can go by and I’ll forget that time is passing. I’ll forget to eat or sleep. I see the picture in my head when I’m painting. It’s like a vision that I see before me. I look at that canvas, and I want to make it resemble the picture in my head as closely as I can. It’s like a sculptor who says he just looks at the block of marble and clears away anything that isn’t his picture of what he’s making. That’s how I feel about putting a canvas to a painting. I have this idea in my head, and I’m just removing those parts of the canvas that aren’t what I’m picturing. That is my artistic method. I think everybody’s got an artistic process, don’t they? It’s the mark of anybody with passion that they have real opinions about what they do, how they intend to accomplish their goals.