Age 24
Height 5’6″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
My name is Ivy, and I’ve been an amateur model for a while. I think it’s very fun and sexy, and it has really opened some doors for me. I was really nervous the first time I did a shoot as a model, but I wasn’t nervous about showing off my body. I’ve always been okay with people looking at me. I’m very proud of how I look physically. When people appreciate me, when they look at me and think I’m beautiful, it makes me happy. Modeling, though, is not the same as just realizing you’re pretty or that people like to check you out. It’s also about committing those pictures to a moment of time, and knowing that they’ll be preserved forever after that. You may not think at all about the sweet, hot, slutty little outfit you put on for a night out at a club, but it will give you second thoughts if you know that someone is going to take pictures of you that will then probably end up on the Internet and exist forever. You know how you guard what you say when you are being interviewed or maybe videotaped because someone nearby has a camera and want to catch everything? You’re always more guarded about what you do when you think you’re being watched. It can make you nervous, even if you’re used to getting attention, and that’s how I felt about modeling. I knew that those images were going to follow me around for a long time. What happens if, down the road, I look at them and I’m not happy with them? There will be no undoing them then. It creates a lot of pressure, and I wasn’t used to that pressure at first. The photographer understood that, though, and he went out of his way to make me feel relaxed and more comfortable. He put on some nice, soothing music, which helped me relaxed, and then he transitioned to some music with a driving beat that made me feel incredibly sexy. When you’re modeling, you want to feel like there’s this spotlight on you, and that everything you so is what is the focus of everybody’s mind. You’re the center of a universe and everybody is just staring and adoring you. The camera is your lover, and you have to make love to it. You have to make the camera believe that you want it, that you’re there for whoever is on the other side, that when you look into that lens, you are the smoking hot embodiment of everybody’s desire. But more importantly, you can’t walk through your life putting out that kind of vibe all the time. It would be very uncomfortable if you hit everybody you ever met with that kind of intensity. It would draw the wrong kind of attention at the wrong time. So you’ve got to be able to turn it off when the shoot is over, and go about your life. In order to be that kind of woman, you have to be really in touch with your womanhood. You have to be able to engage with any man you meet or, in my case, with every client who books your time. You’ve got to mean it, too. You can’t just go through the motions. That’s what makes me a good escort. I know how to engage with a man on an earnest level. I can be sensual, I can be sexy, but I’m also fun loving and very casual. I am the sort of girl anyone can enjoy being around. That’s the truth.