Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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My name is Juno, and if I had a superpower, it would be that I’m always comfortable being who I am, no matter where I go or what I do. I believe very strongly in relaxing, in centering yourself, and in getting touch with who you are on the most intimate level possible, in the deepest way possible. This is why I get so much pleasure from building my body, from exercising, from making myself beautiful. The more I really focus on my body, the more I try to work on building and forging the outside, the better it is for me on the inside. It helps me develop as a person. I think a lot of people tend to work against their own improvement, their own development. They sabotage themselves. Think about the people you see at the gym, if you go there. I do. I see tons of people who are wearing headphones, listening to music or playing with their phones while they’re at the gym. Now, I’m not against a great piece of music when working out. That beat can really help you. But what is the purpose of most of that entertainment? It’s a distraction. It screens out everything for you, forces you to focus, not on your workout, but on almost anything else. I think that’s a mistake. If you want to really make gains when you work out, you’ve got to be able to get inside your own head and focus on your body. Too many people are always tearing themselves down on some level. They indulge their guilt and their doubt. They tell themselves that they can’t do it, that they want to quit, that they’d rather be doing almost anything else. You can’t do that to yourself and make real gains. You have got to be able to be inside your head thinking you can do it, that this is something you can accomplish. You have to tell yourself that you are up to this task. You have to know that you are a good person who deserves success. Nothing is sexier than someone who is both comfortable with her and confident in how she looks. That’s absolutely true. When I’m exercising, I’ll just pick a mirror on the wall. All those places have great big mirrors. I’ll look at the mirror and just check out my own body while I work on it, and I’ll will be as positive as I possibly can about everything. I like to recite affirmations to myself. I think that’s why a girl like me has a shot at becoming a model one day, or doing anything else that involves her looks. I admit that I really enjoy the attention, and there’s nothing wrong with attention. Take models, for example. The average model is a product whose body is what is for sale. She couldn’t do her job, couldn’t enjoy being stared at and having her picture taken all day, if she wasn’t comfortable being looked at and desired. I like to dance, too, for some of the same reasons. I stay in great shape by exercising all the time. When I get out on that dance floor, all my stress and my cares just evaporate, and I can focus on the music and on my body and nothing else. When I’m dancing, it’s my body, or it’s my partner’s body, that is the focus of all my attention. If I’m dancing for others, or if I’m dancing with someone, I’m building that connection between us. I’m good at that. It makes me a great escort.