My name is Katie and the photos you see here are for you to enjoy. I’m considerate, sensitive, and I’m eager to be with you! I’m a free spirit and love to discover all the pleasures life has to offer. I’m very easy going and love good discussions. If my profile interests you, perhaps we can meet and spend some time together. Can’t wait to be your companion. I’m really excited to be your girl tonight! Call me babe!


Age 27
Height 5’7″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Estonian
Rate $800/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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(917) 003-3592

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A bouncy college student, Katie is a breath of fresh air. When she contacted us about being an escort for the discerning males in the city who are looking for a woman with tasteful class, we knew she would fit right in. From her lusciously long blonde hair and her big baby blue eyes to her athletically long legs, Katie is the total package.

Only 27 years old, Katie has much to learn about the world. Don’t let her apparent innocence fool you for very long, though. Underneath, she is a wild party girl who is enjoying every minute of her time when it comes to exploring the whole bar scene that opened up to her on her last birthday.

I enjoy dressing up in lingerie, and it’s fun to dress up and surprise someone. I once surprised a boyfriend by getting all dolled up in some very nice lingerie. I went with the whole deal, the garter belt, the push-up bra, the fishnet stockings with the high heels. When I was wearing all that, and I had nothing else on, I then put on my perfume so he could smell me and get close to me and be really overwhelmed with how sexy I was. The look on his face was astounding. You could tell he didn’t know what he wanted to do first. Did he want to step back and kind of drink me in? Did he want to get down and dirty right then and there? Leave the lingerie on, take it off? Rip it off with his teeth? The sheer overwhelming nature of the options available to him, it was hilarious. It’s true, I’m a wild girl. I spend a lot of time in night clubs.

When I go to a club, I like to wear the smallest, skimpiest mini dress I can squeeze onto my tight little body. I want to be out there in something that’s so sheer I can’t even put on more than a thong with it. To be able to command the desire of everyone who sees you in that club environment is an incredible turn-on. It’s a better high than anything you’ll ever experience. It makes me feel almost like I’ve been drinking, that high I get from being desired, from behind the sexiest girl in the room. If I walk into a strip club, I just get possessed by the urge to go up on that stage, because I want to be the center of attention. I’ve had some experience when it comes to working that pole, too. I like to just propel myself all around it, just be as energetic as possible. That pole, that’s my lover for that moment that I’m up there. It’s like tapping the type of energy you used to have when you were young, but letting it out in adult ways. When I’m pole dancing, there is nobody sexier, and I want those people watching me to just be obsessed with how much they want me. I like to think of their eyes moving over every inch of my body, watching every move.