Age 24
Height 5’6″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
My name is Mala. I’m sexy, flirty girl who loves to dress up in lingerie. There isn’t a man in the world that doesn’t have his very own ideas for what lingerie should look like on a woman. The companies that market lingerie, they know that most of their customers are actually men, not women. Sure, there are women who like to dress in sexy clothes for their men, but most of the men doing the buying are the men who want to dress their girls up. These men are buying presents for their ladies, sure, but they’re really just buying presents for themselves. They’re giving themselves the beautiful gift of fantasy sex, a night with their dreams of what they like and what they want. A man who gives his lady lingerie is gift-wrapping himself his present so he can enjoy unwrapping that gift. He wants her to feels sexy, yes, but also, he is telling his lady that the thing he wants most in the world, the thing he will enjoy, is that girl herself. How wonderful is it to be told that, of all the things your man could want, the thing that makes him happy is you, your body, and your time spent with him? I can’t think of a nicer compliment than that. That makes me feel really sexy. I like my lingerie to have a lot going on, you know? Men will often get their girls something that is easy to buy. They buy something that doesn’t require them to know their ladies’ exact measurements. That can be fun, I guess, but it’s not the pinnacle of sexy. A woman can look hotter in just a man’s coat or jacket with nothing worn underneath it than she can in one of those nightgown-like things. I think every guy, though, gets really turned on when he sees a girl in very elaborate lingerie, something with some substance to it, some complication. When I buy lingerie, what I really enjoy is buckles, straps, and corsets, the whole works. The more involved that lingerie turns out to be, the happier I am. I don’t want something boring. I may wear it under my clothes all day long, but this is stuff that isn’t meant for that. It’s designed to stimulate someone and turn a man on. Really, I think the absolute sexiest thing you can do is put on a full outfit of lingerie, with the stockings and the garter belt and everything else, and wear that while you’re out on the town and going about your day. Wear it with a nice suit jacket and skirt, knowing that just underneath those serious business clothes, there’s this incredible sexy show just waiting for somebody to see it. As for men, I think every man wants a relationship, deep down, but he wants the right one. He wants a woman who will understand him and support him, who likes what he likes. He is okay with her having ideas and opinions of her own, having hobbies of her own, and liking things he doesn’t like, as long as he knows she isn’t judging him or nagging him. That’s what is most significant about every relationship that works well. Any man who has a woman who supports him without nagging him is a man who is happy. A man who is happy is a man who treats his woman well. And frankly, isn’t that the best outcome for everybody? Doesn’t everybody benefit in that case? That’s what everybody wants. It makes me a good escort. I can make you happy.