Hello! Mandy here. I am a gorgeous, sophisticated, honest, kind, and I have a great sense of humor. I am the kind of girl who loves giving contentment and an amazing service. I will make your day and night into a memorable outing and you will be pleased that you picked me! During our intimate moments when we are with each other, you will become my top concern and I will dedicate all of my energy to you. Call me so I can be yours!


Age 21
Height 5’2″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $800/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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(917) 003-3592

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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Mandy comes from a family of nearly all boys, making her very comfortable with horseplay, wrestling and roughhousing. This 21-year-old Dallas escort takes great pride in her body and works out often so that she can keep slim and trim. She also wants to be able to have the stamina to keep up with any active extracurricular activities any of the men in her life might want to engage her in.

This escort is studying to become a hairdresser and always look impeccable. Sophisticated and well dressed, Mandy loves to try new looks when she can. She always looks put together and never has a hair out of place. This makes her the ideal companion to take to your next company party when you don’t want to spend the evening in the corner twiddling your thumbs.

I like to be as relaxed and easygoing a girl as possible. But even as easygoing as I am, I know that to stay attractive, to stay looking as gorgeous as I do, I have to put the time and the work into making my body as good as it can be. I got to the gym for several hours a week. I just get right in and work, just put my head down and put the time in. It feels, sometimes, like when I get there I never left. That smell of the gym, sweat mixed with determination and time, the second that hits me, it’s like I’ve never left, and I’m back trying to make my body as sexy and feminine as I can make it, as toned and taut and lovely as I need it to be. It’s because I love the attention that I get. When I go out, I want people to be looking at me, watching me, thinking about me. I want to know that the people who serve me coffee, the people who see me walking down the street, just everybody who sees me, I want them to be thinking about how lovely I am, and how they’d like to get close to me. I like having that kind of effect on people.

Another reason that I exercise, and also why I meditate, is to reduce my stress. Stress can completely destroy you, and we all have plenty of it. I like to make sure I get plenty of rest and recharge my body and my mind. Removing stress is a big part of that. Getting a lot of rest and a lot of sleep helps too, but you can even overdo that. You know that feeling you get, that headachy feeling you get when you sleep too long? You don’t want to just lie around in bed too much. Although I have to admit that I really enjoy beds. I like to lie around in bed on the weekend, spend the whole day naked and relaxing if I can. If you have never done that, if you don’t know the joy that is relaxing like that, I really encourage you to try it at least once. It may not be your thing. It isn’t for everybody. But I find it a great way to de-stress and get my life back on track.