Hi, welcome to Natalie’s world. While you are here you will find that I am a sexy, athletic and an exciting young woman. I am an adorable and bright beauty, which makes me a genuine lover and a wonderful companion. I like it when sensual satisfaction is mutually reciprocated and it is my keen desire to leave you in state of extreme fulfillment. Our time together will be some of the most awesome moments you are going to have in your life, so please call me for that true companionship.


Age 29
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Rate $750/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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(917) 003-3592

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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Natalie brings her sexy and nonstop body to the escort world in Dallas. A new name and face on the escort scene, Natalie has proven to be very popular with our clients. In the short time this Latina beauty has been with us, she has garnered a number of return clients. Natalie loves hugging and cuddling and grew up with lots of sisters to pal around with. She is one of our most fun-loving escorts and is full of personality. You will not be disappointed with a date with Natalie.

I know I’m an attractive girl. I am used to the attention I get. And I have a really nice body. I think every man loves a stomach that is taut and toned. That probably isn’t the first body part that people think about when they think about a pretty girl. Sometimes they think about the booty or the girl’s chest, or maybe even her legs, especially if they are long. There’s plenty of songs out there about sexy girls with great booties or great legs or great chests, but there aren’t that many about girls with great stomachs. That’s too bad. I think a lot of men really respond to a bear stomach on a girl. That’s why crop tops are so awesome. I think a guy likes to think about running his hand across a girl’s stomach, feeling her beneath his fingers, and I think most women respond very much to that kind of sensual contact. I like to work out to keep my body in shape, and I love it when men start looking at me. It’s especially sexy when they feel like they have to hide it, so now they’re just trying not to get caught as they stare at me and look me up and down.

And I know that when I’m bending over the workout machines, or sweating while I’m getting my workout going. I realize they’re looking and they’re turned on, and I love every moment of it. If I can catch a guy using his phone to try and get my picture so he can share it with his buddies, I like that even more. Because you know a guy who takes the time to take a picture of a hot girl in the gym is going to send that picture on to his friends. He’s not just keeping it to himself. He wants his buddies to know that he saw somebody that hot while he was out. I realize that I sometimes make people feel very distracted when I’m at the gym, and I certainly don’t want to derail anybody’s workout, but I love to be the center of attention. It makes me feel really sexy. It’s absolutely a wonderful gift to my self-esteem. When you know that a guy is checking you out, it makes you feel like you must be so beautiful, to command the attention of a man.