Hi there! I’m Ruby, and I’m a sexy girl who can blow your mind and make you feel special. I have a secret. I like to feel possessed by my men, and I live to please. I think every man loves it when you show him he has you, that you’re completely his. I like to stay right on my man, right on his arm, and I will get up next to him and press my body against his. I want every woman around us to know, this man has me, and I belong to him. I want all the men who see me looking so sexy and hot to feel jealous of him, and to wish it was them that I was with, and not my man. It’s going to turn on my guy like crazy, right, because all those men watching, suddenly, they wish they could be him, and that gives him a lot of power. They’re all thinking about what I would look like without my clothes, or in their own beds, and they have to just stand there and watch while my man takes me home.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Dark Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $750/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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(917) 003-3592

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I am a bisexual and I have been for a while. Sometimes I have girlfriends. I think liking girls might not be everything you’re picturing it to be, and that’s okay. But don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I am a lesbian or something. I’m not just pretending to like men. I’m not that way at all. It’s so nice to go out with guys, to be with guys, to enjoy a man’s body. I like to do the same with women. A man’s body and a woman’s body are very different, but they’re both really special and they’re both really nice. Having a lady in my life means that when I want the gentle, sensual touch of a woman, a touch like I would have, I can have that. But when I want to be dominated and taken, when I want to feel a man’s strong hands all over the curves of my body, on my rear end, on my shoulders, on my hips, then I can have that. I think women are built for seducing their lovers, while men are built for conquering. A woman has such luscious curves, such beautiful hips. She can melt a man with desire; she can use all her feminine charms to get him where he needs to go. She can seduce that man. Just by talking dirty to him, by making him picture what they could do, she can reduce him to nothing but desire.

I love to use my words to make a man hot. It’s more than just thinking up the nastiest or dirtiest thing you can think. I like to use my voice to make this kind of moaning sound, this sound that makes him think about other things, about how sexy you can be. When you get just the right feminine tone in your voice, you can really get a man right to the edge of popping his cork. You can make him want you so bad that he’s straining to have you, just desperate to get his hands on you. That’s the kind of power and charms that I offer. It’s part of what makes me a woman, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Too few women understand just how much power they have over men and thus the world around them. The key is knowing how to use that power, and how to get what you want while being respectful to everybody. I love respect.