Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts
I’m Sydney, and I love being an attractive, sexy woman, but I know that this also has both good things and bad things about it. I realize that I look sweet and innocent, but I’m nothing like the sweet, innocent girls you may think you know. You know what they say; it’s always the quiet ones. Well, I’m not particularly quiet, either but you know how it is. I love to trick people into thinking they’re seeing a blushing, innocent girl, and then blow their minds when they realize they’ve actually got their hands on a naughty girl who knows what’s up. It’s just that every man has a fantasy, and that fantasy is specifically what I offer. Every guy wants a super good girl who is actually a freak. He wants to know he’s turned her out. Every man who gets his eyes on my taut, toned body, he’s thinking about what it would be like to pick me up, put his hands on me, and do whatever he’s thinking about. That fantasy also extends to what happens afterwards, because he’s thinking when he picks me up that I’m a good girl, but then between the sheets I turn out to be anything but. Every guy is turned on by that concept, that surprise of what you find when you get to know a pretty girl. He likes to know that, to his surprise, she’s a lot better and a lot more fun than he thought she was going to be. I’m a party girl and I like going to nightclubs and getting into the party scene. When you go to a club, there’s always lots of action. It’s endless fun. But you know, even a fast nightclub can get old after a while. Being an escort, I go out a lot, and when I do, I always have fun. But after a few weeks of that becomes a month, you start to really crave variety. I know that sounds silly, fun getting old. But the thing about fun is, if it gets monotonous, you want a different kind of fun. You want something that’s just as amusing, but not the same old thing, day in and day out. When that happens, one way to get around that need for variety is to go to a private party. I love the feeling of a good, wild house party. I like a party where there’s tons of people there, way more than the host anticipated, because when a party turns into a raging event, then you know that it’s out of control. You’ve reached the point where the party has a life of its own. I love that stage. I love the vibrant experience of a party that has taken on its own life and is now completely running wild. We’ve all been to one of those parties, right? The ones that get truly out of hand are the ones that end in people destroying the place. I don’t want that. I don’t want one of those movie house parties where people start ripping the place apart and wrecking it, burning it, or even stealing things. I don’t like to think about the hosts ending up screwed by the party. But I like a party that gets truly wild, where people wake up the next day not knowing quite what they did, but vaguely satisfied that they had some kind of one of a kind, unique experience. That’s what I offer as an escort. I offer a one of a kind, unique evening of fun and thrilling excitement.