Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/Hour
Orientation Bisexual
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Dallas escorts
Hello. I’m Teal, and I’m a fun-loving girl who also loves to meet new and interesting people. I value many qualities in a man, but the one I value most is kindness. Is this man capable of being kind? Can he treat others as he would wish himself to be treated? Is he polite to those who can do nothing for him, and who have no power over him? You can tell a lot of about a person by whether he is kind. I think a kind man is the sexiest kind of man there is. I enjoy a man more when he is capable of being nice, but I don’t mean a man that is a doormat. A doormat is no fun. A man who is weak, who cannot stand up for himself, is no better than a man who is unkind and rude to others. There is a line all of us must walk between being too nice and crossing over into rudeness. You should never be rude if you can help it. But sometimes you do have to stand up for yourself, because not everybody you meet is reasonable. When someone is unreasonable to you, you have to be able to stand up to him or her and assert yourself.

I consider myself a very assertive girl, but I also am never mean if I can help it. I try to keep a very positive attitude about everything, and that positive attitude is also very important, because it is an outlook that helps me to accomplish my goals in life. It is also very important when it comes to achieving my goals as an escort, because you have to a bright, personable, friendly girl in order to make your man happy. A man wants to know that you are enjoying yourself. He likes to see himself as the source of your enjoyment. He wants to know that being with him is stimulating for you, that it interests you and brings you pleasure. He feels best about himself when he believes he is bestowing this quality on the women he is spending time with. He never wants to be seen as boring or unpleasant, because if that happens, he believes he has failed. I never want a man who is with me to believe he has failed in any way. That is why I am always very open-minded about trying new things. I love doing new things. I love being on a man’s arm and I love to be able to share with him my excitement at trying new activities. I think men respond best when they know you are enjoying yourself.

A man wants you to smile, to show him that you are happy with him and that you are having a good time. And he deserves to feel that. It is very important. Why do so many women walk around with sour looks on their face? They always seem so unhappy when they are out. They are not enjoying themselves, not enjoying the world, and missing out on so many opportunities. What man could want to be with a sour, unhappy lady? I will never let myself be one of those scowling, unhappy women. I will not complain to a man. He doesn’t deserve that. He deserves to be treated with gratitude and respect. Men do so much for women, and get so little in return. I refuse to be that way. I will do everything in my power to show my man how happy I am with him. He deserves my enjoyment. He deserves my happiness.