Hey there! I am a gorgeous lady, who likes to enjoy herself and likes the company of kind and professional gentleman who can show a lady the respect she deserves. We can have a mutually satisfying time together. Allow me to make you happy by helping you realize all your dreams and fantasies. I can give you the excitement you might have only hoped for so call me before someone else does!


Age 35
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $650/Hour
Orientation Straight
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(917) 003-3592

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Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Tricia is a true free spirit who loves the sense of adventure that comes from being an escort with one of the Dallas area’s top agencies. She also loves the flexibility of being able to work at a moment’s notice. Tricia thrives on the thrill of never knowing when her next client will see her or where he will take her.

This escort is a staff favorite as well as a favorite of our clients. Always cheerful, with a huge smile on her face, Tricia is the perfect burst of fresh air who makes any day much better once you see her. She has the type of personality that makes her popular no matter where she goes.

I like to spend my time improving myself. I think learning is very important. When I was in college, I was kind of a triple threat. I spent a little time looking into nursing, and I would dress in this sexy nurse outfit for my boyfriends. So I had the whole college coed thing going on, and I had the fantasy nurse outfit, and I had my incredibly sexy, gorgeous body. That’s three different levels of smoking hot, and the guys I went out with, they really enjoyed it. I’m grateful for having the chance to live out those fantasies. I think every guy likes the idea that you can take care of him, but most of all, every guy likes the idea that you’re going to put him first. Too many men spend their time always being in last place when it comes to their women and how they are treated. They always rate last. They’re expected to put everybody else’s needs before their own, and if they don’t, they’re stupid or they’re sexist or they’re bad lovers or something.

I think that’s no way to treat the men in your life. I think men deserve a lot of respect, and a lot of appreciation, for everything they do. One thing that I never want to do, though, is disrespect the men in my life. I also never want to be bored. I think it’s very easy to fall into a rut, to let yourself get bored with how your life is going. If that happens, you’re definitely doing something wrong. You’ve got to take the time to upgrade, to make your life better. It’s your responsibility. If you don’t take an interest in how your life is going, then who is going to do it for you? Nobody that I can see. We are all alone in this world together, as the saying goes. That means that while you might have friends and family, while you might have lovers and trusted confidantes, you’re the only person who can take charge of what’s happening in your day to day life. That takes time, energy, and especially positivity if you’re going to do it right. I like to try to stay positive and maintain an optimistic outlook in everything I do. It gives me energy and it makes me more fun to be around. That is always the best approach.