This is your very own Vivian. I am a charming and erotic woman and you will fall in love with my kind nature, and gentle curves. I tend to hold on closely to my wild obsessive side and always strive to please. I enjoy showing off my features and love my man to be physical and very manly. I am well toned and have great endurance and when you feel my skin texture against yours, you will be fascinated by how it feels. My aura will tease your senses and take you to unexpected levels of pleasure.


Age 25
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Rate $700/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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(917) 003-3592

Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Dallas escorts Dallas escorts
Looking for a blonde-haired vixen who looks sweet and innocent on the outside but is really wild and kinky on the inside? Vivian is the perfect solution for whatever happens to ail you. Whether you are traveling in Dallas on business and need a little female companionship or you are a choosy businessman who knows what you like but have a hard time finding it, Vivian is the answer to your desire.

Curvy and slender all at the same time, Vivian loves to work with our other escorts when she can. As a bisexual, she likes to explore all the various aspects of her personality every chance she gets. She is also an amazing companion whenever you want someone to simply hang out with in your hotel room or you need someone on your arm when you go meet your boss for dinner.

I’m kind of into cheerleading. I was into it in high school. I am also into amateur stripping. I think the two things are closely related. I mean, in both cases, the clothing you wear is very special. It makes your body look better. It draws attention to your curves, to your legs, to your rear end, to your chest. It is what people associate with what you are doing, cheerleading especially. I was a pretty popular girl when I was in high school. Being a cheerleader was fun. Girls who wear cheerleading uniforms are always looked at as special, as super sexy. It’s part of the archetype, that pretty, popular girl who is also a cheerleader. There’s something really special about being a cheerleader at a game. You’re there to spice it up, make it sexy.

I think going from cheerleading to stripping is a natural transition. You leave that one world behind you, but you move into one that’s pretty much the same. You’ve got to look good. You’ve got to be graceful. You have to have timing. And you’re still wearing incredibly sexy, kinky clothes, only now you’re taking them off. You’re teasing the audience with your body, just like a sexy cheerleader does, except this time you’re letting the people watching you get a little farther. Their eyes are on you, moving over every inch of you, on your bare legs, on your stomach, just checking you out all over. And you make it that much easier for them by stripping down to a thong and a pair of pasties. Or maybe even less depending on the type of club you’re in. It’ a formula for getting wild. In fact, I didn’t realize just how wild I could be until I let myself be propelled to the edge of that wild lifestyle. Being an escort is embracing that twenty-four hour party because that’s all you do. Your whole job is to do the things that most people do when they’re not working. You get to go out, meet interesting people, get treated to dinner and drinks, go dancing, and maybe go to a bunch of other interesting things, from business meetings to social events and even family gathering. I love being the eye candy on my date’s arm when he walks into a place and just blows everybody away with how well he’s done for himself.